I’m Not Going To Be Here Forever

I had been planning on saying something like “trouble in my life, yes, but not standing still” in this post. I would have talked about the future I’m taking steps toward, often steps so small they slip by my own radar, but hopefully adding up to forward movement. (Like: advertising and getting house-sitting assignments for this coming winter without the use of a phone, car, or advertising money, when I had had enough of apartment life. Joining the membership site of a well-known and credible internet marketer, fits in there, too. I did that to learn how to have an internet income no matter what passions I am following at the time. I made the first payment with the sale of my old car to the salvage dealer.)

But two things remind me today that, although moving forward is extremely important in life, and a natural human desire–so is the need to make my days count for something.

One is a dear person who sometimes comes along when I am writing or doing a search on public computers. She tells me her time left is limited to a couple of months. I am wanting wisdom in this, as I discuss beliefs on this life and the next with someone of a different understanding. To be wise, patient, loving, and have both ears open. To treat as I would be treated.

The other is yesterday’s newsletter from Chris Guillebeau, who is normally focused on the Art of Non Conformity (http://chrisguillebeau.com). His letter talks about the “need to live deliberately, instead of just passively filling the days”, and about “living in the present”. He brings up something that has occupied my own thinking this year, throughout the loss and hardship: figuring out what really matters  before some crisis forces you to.

In order to do live intentionally, it seems to me, I have be settled about what meaning my earth life has, however short or long it may be, and where I am going when it’s over. We all know this life is temporary and relatively brief. I believe this life is about the next one, which is why our daily choices matter.

As I try to get a handle on it, it might be helpful for me to hear from other people on how they see my life. I guess I might not like some of what I hear, and maybe some of it would really surprise me. We often have little sense of the way we impact others.

Chris Guillebeau ends his newsletter with a quote that goes, “Tell me—what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Anyone reading my first blog will know I was impressed by the radio program which encouraged listeners to spend their life on something that will outlast it. So that is my personal answer, these days.

So as I make my tiny steps towards my dreams,  I also bear in mind I have no control over the length of my days, and that much in this world is unpredictable. My need is to live with purpose, to leave something that makes the world a better place.

Serious stuff.


About upfromheresite

Committed to helping people move forward on practical dreams by giving them tools and techniques to work at what they love. Live in Nova Scotia in a beautiful agricultural valley. Dream about creating a beautiful conference center, music hall, and dining hall (along with cabin for Wynnie and me) on North Mountain. Owned by a cat named Wynnie.
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