It’s Only A Mountain If It Makes You Upgrade to Possible, Can Do!

Wynnie and I finally arrived in our house-sitting job seven days ago. It is achingly beautiful here in the mountain stillness. Lots of tall trees wearing white winter smocks. I look out over the same valley I have struggled in, the past six years,  slowly gaining new perspective. New environments should give us new perspective.

Early in the day I saw this great posting in Dr. Mercola’s free medical newsletter about the difference exercising before breakfast makes. Also drinking water when you do.

So I enjoyed my pre-meal stretches and kicks a little more knowing the time of day held a certain significance. As for the water, it’s all I drink (except evenings when the wood stove is crackling and I remember the Baileys Irish Cream in the cupboard and the chocolate syrup in the fridge. I wonder if that’s how the nurse and her artist-husband who normally live here take it, too? I guess I’d better re-stock before they come back and assume I had nothing better to do than invade their liquor cupboard.)

Back to exercising: it occurred to me if I were attending some type of transformational boot camp, I might be urged to stretch the mind, too, while stretching muscles, before getting bogged down with the day’s duties. Accordingly I kicked, bent, and flung my arms around picturing my proposed LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD campaign for a fitter, healthier me. I also figured I needed to move faster on learning to use the new digital camera I got last week so I can post images online. (I had been wanting a camera for thirty years. Rent always got in the way.)

As I stood in front of the wide wash basin upstairs in this lovely mountain cottage this morning,  it was a visual reminder that I have to widen my mind to let in new ideas. If I don’t, I will get locked into living the same life I did last year. The fear and anxiety that hung around here yesterday didn’t get any place to lodge this morning. It’s going to take disciplined practice.

Lacing on sturdy boots belonging to the nurse, which she said to use, I clomped up the icy drive behind their energetic hound. You could say the boots were too big or you could say it was just another reminder to expand my thinking. To let new images and possibilities flow.

To be intentionally expansive and large right now. Not to close down exciting possibilities from entering the mind, first as pictures, then figuring out actual action steps.  I wouldn’t be able to talk about it with workshop participants in the future if I weren’t working through it, now.

Overcoming what overcame you is serious business for serious people, but what dividends it’s going to pay!

We are on the way to new expressions of ourselves–you and I. We are carving out new trails for exciting adventures. We are not scratching in the dirt. And definitely not looking back! Onward! Place make room in your mind for earning really good money from your new goals. Not everything you do has to make money, some things you just do for fun. But operate with the assumption there is a way to help other people using your passions and get paid.

My feelings of anxiety and fear yesterday were based on the limitations that have hemmed me in for so long. They have come to FEEL like reality, but they’re imposters. A person really has to  guard what they allow in their mind.

Many people refer to negative situations as “reality”. When there’s good weather, they say  “we’ll pay for this'” as though bad weather is reality and they can’t enjoy the moment so they’re going to bring on that which nobody loves by talking about it.

Living intentionally is not allowing oneself to fall into easy, patterned living. If an activity doesn’t fit with where you’re headed, you really can’t afford to spend time, energy or money on it, no matter how weird it feels to stop it. It will eventually feel normal to be freed up to getting on with a great life designed by you in which you are fully functioning, fully present. You’re just not used to getting what you’d like to have, yet. It feels unattainable, unrealistic.

I’m focusing on moving  towards what attracts me, not being pushed by what has driven me.

Even though I haven’t grown comfortably into the identity of a successful internet marketer in seven days, or conference center owner or workshop facilitator, I know it is like any other achievement. You do it one day at a time. Tomorrow, it will be one step closer because of today. I’m starting to see mental pictures of me in those roles, though. Once you have mental images,you know, you’re halfway there. Got yours? Make it vivid!

We have all finished schooling one day at a time. We have all learned new jobs where we assumed new identities. We have not stopped being able to create a new path for ourselves…the memory of those other achievements will help this one.

We just need to apply the appropriate action to the goal we’re moving towards.  No getting off to go do some easier activity. I am learning that even though hopeless and helpless feelings aren’t going away overnight,  I can combat them by immediately defining my purpose for that moment, and adjusting, if off course.

“I am exercising to look better, feel better.”I get out of my need to have a neat room when my greater need is to tone and trim my body.

“I am blogging to let people know they too can move out of exasperating and challenging circumstances, that we are not defined by present circumstances.”I do not have to check the latest personal message in my inbox when there are people who need to hear from me as I steer myself out of difficult circumstances into the life I would love to live.

“I am studying downloaded marketing materials to be able to set up my own online businesses, and bring in the income that affords me what I need plus more, to give.” The animals are fine, fed and exercised. They should know by now I love them. I don’t have to spend time worrying about them. They’ll let me know when they need something.

It’s interesting to find that the feelings change as I positively get down to work on the activity of the moment. Positive feelings seem to depend on purpose, which I imagine is good news to sufferers from certain types of anxiety.

Beyond expanding my mind, today’s other lesson is one that I’ve been a student of a long time. Where I am limited, I am connected to a limitless God whose supply of creative ideas and resources is limited only by my willingness to open my hand and receive them.

For a long time now, I’ve been praying the famous verse in the Old Testament book of Hosea, about turning “the valley of trouble into a door of hope”. Here I am, now, literally living on a mountain for a couple of months. No longer in the valley. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

How great is that for watching for the door of hope?


About upfromheresite

Committed to helping people move forward on practical dreams by giving them tools and techniques to work at what they love. Live in Nova Scotia in a beautiful agricultural valley. Dream about creating a beautiful conference center, music hall, and dining hall (along with cabin for Wynnie and me) on North Mountain. Owned by a cat named Wynnie.
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